Turn your illustrations into digital products!


So you love to sketch illustrations or doodle in your notebook, but they end up just piled in your closet after you have filled them right? What you should be doing, if you are interested in making some passive income on the side, is turning those illustrations into digital products that you can sell online. 

You can turn your drawings into something called vector graphics. Vector files are made up of lines and shapes instead of pixels, so they can be enlarged or shrunk without loosing any quality. These are used by designers and a bunch of other entrepreneurs. Say you love to sketch rabbits. Well, if you turned your sketches into vector graphics, they could be helpful to someone such as a card shop owner, who is making Easter card designs and needs some rabbit illustrations. 

Now I know what you are thinking: Leanna, no one will want to buy my stuff, they will draw it themselves. Oh my sweet summer child, people are lazy. They will do things in the quickest, easiest way they possibly can, and people generally are good at doing a couple of things and need help in other areas. What you can draw, others can't. So long story short, yes, people want to buy your sketches. 

Onto the good stuff!

Here are the steps to turn your sketches into vector graphics:

1. Sketch 

Bust out your sketchbook and get drawing! 

2. Scan

Scan your page at a decent resolution (I stick with the common 300 dpi for drawings, I may go higher for watercolour) 

3. Make Adjustments

Crop your scanned image so that there isn't a ton of negative space. Then adjust the contrast to make your drawing stand out from the paper. 

4. Vectorize

Open up the new jpeg in Adobe Illustrator. Click 'window' then 'Image Trace', this will bring up a window so you can actually control the adjustments. Play around with the dials until the vectorized image looks good to you.

5. Clean Up

When you zoom in you will probably notice little corners or loops where there should be a smooth clean line. You can go through every point with the select brush and remove anchor points that are not needed. Or you can try going to 'Image' - 'Path' - 'Simplify' and toggling that to about 97% and sometimes it works perfectly to remove the bad anchor points. 

6. Save and Post!