How to Edit Wedding Invitation Templates


1. Download all the fonts in the font file

The first thing after you download the zip folder of the invitation suite is to download the fonts that were used in the templates. There will be a pdf file called Font File, you just have to open that up then follow the links provided to download the fonts. 

2. Open up the PSD templates in Photoshop

If you do not have Photoshop, don't worry, you can get a free 30 day trial of the latest version from the Adobe website. Make sure you get the full Photoshop program and not the app. 

3. Use the Text tool to change the text

Select the Type tool (Looks like a capital T) then click anywhere on the text that you want to edit. Then you will be able to backspace what is written there and type in your own invitation wording and information. 

4. If you want to move something

If you want to move a graphic element or text around you use the Select tool. It looks like your mouse arrow. And you can just click and drag anything around.

5. If you want to adjust the colours

If the design is right but the colours don't match your palette you MAY be able to adjust this. It really depends on the design. Watercolour designs can be tricky to adjust the colours of. But here is how you can play around with that. Go to the Adjustment panel and select hue and saturation, and then you can simply toggle the hue around. It will adjust any layer below.

6. If you want to add bleeds

Adding bleeds is very easy. First ask your print shop what amount they prefer. Then go to 'Image' and then 'Canvas Size' and adjust the canvas size to a bit larger. Make sure to tell your printer that your files include bleeds and let them know the trimmed size. 

7. Save as PDF or PSD (ask your printer what file they prefer)