Awesome affordable wedding invitations


Weddings are expensive enough, so invitations are understandably a place in the budget where couples try to save. Custom invitations can be expensive. Designing a whole wedding suite takes a lot of time and design prices are not cheap. But there is an easy way to get a custom wedding suite without having to hire a graphic designer. You can purchase wedding invitation templates online and customize them with your wording. There are so many templates to choose from, your wedding theme is bound to be an available option. 

I'm going to do some shameless self advertising right off the bat; you can purchase my wedding invitation templates and edit the wording yourself. A full wedding suite contains everything you need for only $20. All of my wedding suites include the main invitation, rsvp, details card, save the date, thank you, table number, program and place card templates.

You can check out all my templates here



You can still have unique invitations without hiring a graphic designer for a custom design. There are so many cool templates available, and you can customize them to stand out even more and add a personal touch to them. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine - everyone you are inviting loves you for you, and they won't be turned off if your invitation isn't a stuffy classic option (not that there is anything wrong with those invitations - classic is classic!).

So experiment! Add some bright colours! There are no rules! But, that being said...



One of the biggest problems I come across is that clients want their invitation to have absolutely everything visualized. They want the invitations to visualize their complete love story and they don't want to leave anything out. But less really is more. It is better to pick one or two things that are important for you to have as imagery rather than trying to include all of your wedding decor, colours, location imagery, and all of your passions and hobbies rolled into one invitation. One more time with feeling - less is more.




If you are want to add in something silly, but not sure where, or you don't want to take away from the design, then do it on the RSVP options. There are tons of wording examples online, but making up your own is the most fun. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Lord of the Rings fans?

_ A gang of mangy orcs couldn't keep me away!

_ Sorry, can't make it, I heard about the orcs. 

Harry Potter fans?

_ Weddings must be attended before going off to defeat the Dark Lord.

_ Sorry, already in hiding. 

Doctor Who fans?

_ I wouldn't miss it for all of time and space!

_ Sorry, The Doctor informed me (July 12th) is a time paradox we can never travel to. 


Not a total nerd like I am, but still want a silly RSVP option? Here you go, you silly muggles:


The One with the Bells

_ Will be there with bells on!

_ Will be there free of bells.

_ Will be there...undecided on the bells.

_ Will not be there, heard there will be people wearing bells.

_ Will not be there, regardless of the bell controversy.

The Brutally Honest Guest

_ Gladly Accepts

_ Regretfully Declines

_ Regretfully Accepts

_ Gladly Declines

The Outdoorsy Couple

 _ A pack of hungry bears couldn't keep me away!

_ Sorry, heard about the bears. 


Location, Location, Location

Location themed invitations are very cool and a simple way of making your invitations unique and personal. They are a creative invitation theme as most couples go for watercolour florals. Whether you are an outdoorsy couple, or you are getting married in a historical venue, your wedding location is bound to be gorgeous and deserves some showing off. 


Those are my top suggestions for unique and affordable invitations.

How did you mix it up with your wedding invitations? Comment below!