Hey There Bold Entrepreneur! 

Thanks so much for visiting! You, my friend, are anything but bland, and you want your business to reflect your exceptional awesomeness. You don't want your business branding to look the same as the next guys, but you are unsure of how to stand out in the crowd without sacrificing clean, elegant design. You need help to achieve the unique brand identity you're after, with your personality and mission statement visible to your audience through design.


I've Got You Covered.

My name is Leanna Rosengren and I am the graphic designer behind Knotted Design. I help individuals get the unique design they crave because I am passionate about creating from inspiration and it excites me to create work that people can connect with. 

I am a full time graphic designer, sometimes illustrator, and fine arts graduate who loves to tackle new creative outlets and grow my artistic skill in new and exciting ways. 



my why

I love my job and it feels great that I am able to say that honestly. I get fulfillment from having the freedom to work only on projects that I am enthusiastic about. Being excited to sit down at my desk every day and create cool things is an incredible feeling.  

01 / fulfillment

02 / freedom

03 / enthusiasm



I have the BEST co-worker!

Meet Luna! 

Luna is my shih tzu terrier that keeps me company all day. She has her own chair in our home office where she can be found lying tummy up at any point of the day, emitting loud snores of encouragement. 

She is named after the Harry Potter character, and believe me, she is just as strange and wonderful as her namesake. The family dog that came before her was named Neville. 


What I am Super Passionate About and Absolutely LOVE to Do

Generate a consistent, well thought-out brand that is memorable and makes your business look professional.

Absorb your ideas, vibe, goals and vision to develop a strong brand identity that fits you like a glove.

Check out your competition and then create captivating designs that stand boldly and beautifully apart. 

Create unique, innovative designs that will captivate your audience.



Let's Work Together! 

You have lots of ideas. I can bring them to life.